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  • Facebook - 維基百科,自由的百科全書

    非官方中文譯名 [編輯] Facebook尚無官方中文譯名,正式稱呼多以原文為主(或簡稱FB)。因語言的差異,發展出個別的中文譯名: 香港:臉書、面書 臺灣:臉書 馬來西亞:面子書 中國大陸:因為當地將其遮蔽,一般較少提及;若被提及,譯名多為「臉譜 ...

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  • Comments - Facebook Developers

    The Comments box lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook profile and shows this activity to their friends in news feed. It also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

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  • Investor Relations - Facebook

    Investor Relations Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what ...

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  • 陳怡蓉的官方FB - Facebook

    陳怡蓉的官方FB. 112,718 個讚 · 4,995 人正在談論這個. 若有任何工作活動請 e-mail 給經紀人凡凡[email protected] ... 在陳怡蓉的官方FB 上其他人的最新貼文 顯示全部 Binh Kute Kute Ku Thank you 5 小時前 Ayoungazumi Liefanglim Ayoungazumi 貼了張 ...

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  • 開心農場 on Facebook - Facebook

    小農場有大秘密,種植作物,收穫驚喜;飼養動物,創造奇跡!一起加入開心農場,成為彼此的鄰居,數百種動植物,數十個特殊背景裝飾,讓你擁有百變農場、無盡的樂趣! ... Facebook logo Email or Phone Password Keep me logged in Forgot your password?

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  • PS4 抽獎活動專屬 facebook 粉絲頁 PS4 和 Xbox One成網路詐騙誘餌!!

    由 TrendLabs 資安趨勢 發表於 [ 臉書/ FB/ facebook/Google+/Pinterest/LinkedIn/SnapCha社群網站/ 社交網站] (636) 閱讀, (0) 引用, (0) 回應, 推文( 0 ) 趨勢科技公布的最新「2013網路隱私地雷大調查」的結果中,顯示有高達 77% 的使用者擔心自己的資料(如個 ...

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  • Facebook Inc (FB): Facebook: Good For Speculation, Not Investment - Seeking Alpha

    Though in existence since February 2004, Facebook (FB) is relatively new as a publicly traded corporation. Thus, existing financial statements give little hint of a persistent trend in terms of reliable revenue streams and profit margins. Large-scale brand reputation and long-term user enthusiasm

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  • Facebook - F4c3b00k

    Facebook. 106,044,336 likes · 430,615 talking about this. Newsroom: http://newsroom.fb.com Investor Relations: http://investor.fb.com/ ... Join Jessie J and Facebook Live (facebooklive.com) on Thursday, 26 September at 15:00 BST for a live Q&A and acoustic ...

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